The Bottomless Pit


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EPISODE 2 —…/707606-the-hole-in-the-ground



June 4, 2018

Hey, folks…you probably noticed the first Sunday of the month was yesterday and no new episode. What gives?!?

First off, I remain 100% committed to The Bottomless Pit and will continue to create new episodes. This is a labor of love for me, and I plan to keep going until the story is complete. I realize after the first two episodes, however, that two episodes per month is more than I can handle at the moment. That said, I will be moving to one episode a month for now, with new episodes dropping the last Sunday of the month. I will make announcements the week before each new episode drops.

I love doing this, and your response to it so far has been very kind. So…stick with it, please. I promise to keep going.
Thanks again! And see you soon inside THE BOTTOMLESS PIT!