“✭✭✭✭!  Bill True balances character development, mystery, and romance as the story spirals toward a devastating denouement.”
Colin Covert, Minneapolis StarTribune

“Doesn’t come of as gimmicky, thanks to Bill True’s subtle yet complex screenplay.”
Reel Film Reviews

“Bill True realizes that film is not only story, but something that can be realized cinematically and emotionally.”
Thomas Harris, co-founder, L.A. Film Festival

“Bill True has created unique, memorable characters and structured the story for maximum effect.”
Jane Shoettle, Toronto Film Festival

“A well-written story that unfolds as quietly restrained emotional havoc punctuated by vibrant blasts of nightmarish action.  …Definitely worth seeking out.”

“An incisive, smart script…edge of your seat excitement.”
Film Comment

“Will keep audiences off balance ’til the bitter end.”

Orlando Sentinel

“The smart script and deft filmmaking…keep us guessing until the end.”
Austin Chronicle

“A lean and crisply efficient psychological thriller!”
The Village Voice

Tribeca Film Festival

Tandem Magazine


feature script Incarnation

“The writing is excellent.  Great characters, great story.  It has multiple threads and jumps though time, reminiscent of an Arriaga movie”
Production Company Coverage



original stage play He Who Gets Slapped

Kennedy Center for the Arts Responder

“Wonderful!!! Loved the story!”
World Premiere Gala Audience Member

“Creative and inventive!”
World Premiere Gala Audience Member

“A truly great play.”
World Premiere Gala Audience Member

“Thought-provoking…honest…bittersweet… brilliant!”
World Premiere Gala Audience Member

“A triumph!”
World Premiere Gala Audience Member

“Masterful! Indeed, it was a masterpiece.”
World Premiere Gala Audience Member