“The Bottomless Pit” returns April 30!

Okay, Bottomless Pit fans. Finally! It’s coming back! Starting Thursday, April 30, I will be posting the next four episodes every other week to round out Season One. From there, will assess and find a date to begin working on Season Two and post an actual release schedule and stay on top of it. Feeling in a place where I can do that now.

This story has been a labor of love for 20 years now, and I miss telling it. Have been re-listening to the first four episodes and realizing I was probably being too hard on myself about them. I was falling into paralysis over it. Regardless, my new motto is, “Do it anyway.”

Season One’s gonna end with a bang of a cliffhanger, and I am psyched about the possibilities for Season Two.

Here we go again! Alley oop!